Busy Times!

Wow, I can’t believe how hectic a week we’ve had. I’ve been mummy to possibly the clingiest baby in the world, who would not let me do anything. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried pulling down trousers to pee one handed, but trust me when I say it’s not easy.

Despite this I did manage to do some things. On Monday I had Slimming World, where I found out that I had somehow lost a pound, despite falling off the wagon completely last week.

We then had the dreaded jab day, which was horrible as always, but the;s all done now until 13 months, which was possibly the greatest news ever. I was glad he’d finally caught up with them, with moving around so much at the beginning of his life he was late for his first jabs, which had a domino effect on the next two.

I also finally got a new phone. It’s time to say goodbye to iPhones and their rubbish battery life and screens that smash as soon as you look at it. I am instead now a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy A5, and it’s beautiful. I got it in gold, and it just looks so nice, and unlike my iPhone it actually works.

Finally it was time to say goodbye to stay and plays for the summer. A whole 6 weeks without them, I’m going to be at a complete loss on what to do on Friday mornings now. There are some events going on over the summer though, which all sound like great fun and I’m excited for that.

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