Here’s To The Dads

I have always said it, dads do not get enough credit. They work their butts off to give their children the best lives possible, then the words “babysitting” and “helping” get thrown at them, like they’re staff or something.

Mr J has been absolutely amazing since Munchkin was born. Ok, he can’t choose an outfit to save his life and sounds like a cat being strangled when singing nursery rhymes, but he gets stuck in with the playing, feeding, even the nappy changes. If Munchkin wakes up at 4, it’s him that gets up to see to him.

And so we come to today. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Munchkin has oh so generously shared his cold with me, I slept funny so have a pain in my side, and to add to all this my Auntie Flo has kindly decided today would be a good day to visit. So all in all, I’m feeling very sorry for myself. Mr J didn’t get home until 3 this morning from work, yet he took one look at me and packed me off to bed with the laptop, a bottle of water and some painkillers, and is cooking me breakfast in bed as I type. He spent an hour running around trying to find a babysitter, and when he couldn’t get hold of anyone he called in sick to work.

So thanks dads, for doing such great jobs and not complaining too much when us mums get given all the credit.

My Random Musings

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